10:00 p.m. The end of a long, but not unpleasant day. The worst news of today is that Heather, Jon, and Jonathan will not be coming as planned Friday night. Under the circumstances, maybe that’s good news. With the Orlando airport closing at noon tomorrow, they have no choice but to reschedule. As disappointed as we are by not getting to see the World’s Most Adorable Grandson and his family, we are happy to keep 1000 miles between them and Frances. Plus—well, it’s one thing to go through an unknown number of days without power, and quite another to go through the same number of days with a baby in diapers and no functioning washing machine. :) It’s almost bedtime. Edging past it, actually. But I’m going to do a few more things while I’m still inspired. Porter did make it to the landfill, after a few adventures (such as the nearest one being closed), and disposed of both a load of debris and a weight from our shoulders. We have two windows boarded up, and will tackle the others tomorrow. I need to clean up from the Poor Man’s Cake baking, and empty the ice cube trays once again so that more ice can form overnight. The big freezer will be happy to have the night to recover, as well. I’ve been making it work hard, opening it many times today to put in yet another jug of water or bottle of tea.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and words (e-mails, phone calls) of encouragement. See you in the morning.
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