Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  While I don't think well enough of the committee that makes these decisions to be impressed, many others are now suggesting he run for president.  I'll admit I do find him in many ways more attractive than the current Democratic candidates, but I don't think he should join the fray.

For his own sake.

Al Gore has an Emmy, an Oscar, and now a Nobel Peace Prize.  He receives a great deal of respect at home and abroad.  He is doing work he enjoys and believes to be important.  In short, he has good cause to be grateful to the Florida Supreme Court.

Should he become president of the United States, he will be trashed, he will be thrashed, he will be heaped with scorn from his enemies for doing too much and from his allies for doing too little.  What's more, no matter what his optimisitic supporters may think, he won't be able to do much good from the Oval Office.  Despite all the rhetoric and wishful thinking from his opponents, George W. Bush did not cause the world's problems, and his departure will not solve them.  In all probability, Al Gore is doing much more to accomplish his goals right where he is than he ever would from the White House.

Who knows?  I may vote for Al Gore.  But for his sake, I hope I never get the opportunity.
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