Having made so much of the Red Sox for their World Series win, I must also congratulate the Patriots for their Super Bowl performance. Not quite so heartily, however. For one thing, for the Patriots to win the big one is not quite so rare as for the Sox; for another, half my heart was also given to the Eagles. I care even less about professional football than about professional baseball, but I have pleasant associations with both teams' cities.

Of the three recent major American professional sports contests, Boston has made quite a respectable showing:

World Series: 1
Presidential Election: 0
Super Bowl: 1

Disclaimer: The above commentary on the current American election process is in no way meant to be disrespectful of democracy, and especially not of those, whether soldier or voter, who risk their lives for freely-elected government. Sometimes, however, I'm tempted to believe that the media circus that our electoral process has become bears no more resemblance to true democracy than our professional athletics to true sport.
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