Not a proper post today, but I must keep my readers checking in.  :)  A post on Random Observations led me to this Boston Herald essay by Michael Graham: Campus "Activism" Redefined.  As one commenter remarked, it's too late to be an April Fool joke.  Not content with co-ed dorms on college campuses, the latest push is for gender-blind dorm rooms. Whoopee!

To be fair, I think they're actually talking about letting you choose your own roommate regardless of sex, rather than yet another big shock when a freshman meets his or her roommate for the first time.  Still, it remains a stupid idea.

I suppose it's one way of dealing with the complications of housing homosexual and lesbian students, but I'd prefer colleges just get rid of the archaic roommate idea and provide single rooms for everyone who wants one.  They could solve the subsequent housing crunch by instituting very stringent and strictly-enforced visitation policies that would drive off campus everyone who thinks he's in college for sex rather than studies.

The article reminded me of a story I heard back when co-ed dorms were first being proposed.  One college dean—I have no idea who, or where—after listening patiently to the case as presented to him by a couple of student representatives, turned them down.

"You don't trust us," they complained.

"No, I don't," he replied.

"Why not?"

"Because one of you is male, and the other is female." 
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