Joy is three days old, and all is well.  She seems to have a regular fussy period between midnight and three, but other than that has been treating her parents well.  She sleeps well, despite the frequent checking, patting, and noisy chaos that comes with having three loving, young siblings.  She eats well, drinking in great, noisy gulps.  Mom is handling the engorgment stage as well as can be expected without having a nursing toddler to help out.  Grandma is happy to be done with meconium diapers.

It is a busy household.  Life with three active children doesn't stop just because a fourth had been added.  Chores must be done.  Maybe we could manage if Noah didn't wipe the table for a day or so (though life would soon get rather sticky), or if Jonathan didn't vacuum the living room floor, but if they neglected their daily task of bringing in wood we'd soon be very cold. 

School continues, also, though formal lessons were let slip a bit because the biys had worked ahead earlier in the week.  Informal lessons of course go on full tilt.  (I overheard just now a science lesson on mammary glands.)  I had hoped to provide more help in this area, and have a math idea I'm particularly eager to show to Jonathan, but having no voice has made this impossible at present.

Dinnertime is always exciting, as other families are not only bringing meals but staying (as requested) to share them.  One night we had sixteen people here—five adults, seven boys 10 and under, and the two little girls!  I've been managing to last through dinner , but have retreated to my room shortly afterwards.  I’m not sure which is the biggest factor:  (1) my need for extra sleep to speed healing, (2) my need as an introvert for time alone to recharge, or (3) my need as a person with strong opinions on many subjects to avoid a situation where there is lively, interesting conversation and I cannot say anything at all! *


*There is also (4) my need to complete a major rewrite of Phoebe’s Quilt due before the end of the month, but I’ve deliberately set that aside while dealing with illness + newborn.
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I suspect this enforced silence maybe we like fasting. You realize you can get by on much less than normal, but a few days back in the swing of things and you'll be talking as much as before! That's good, because I'd like to Skype again sometime! I have a feeling we're getting more blog updates because of your lost voice, so I must admit I'm rather grateful for your troubles. Still, we hope you get better soon!

Posted by IrishOboe on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 2:46 pm

And also as with fasting, there's a tendency to overcompensate! This morning I awoke with the ability to croak a bit, and I find myself talking a lot, even though I know I will heal faster if I will continue to take it easy. Self-discipline is hard! I'm at my best in the morning, and grow progressively worse as the day goes on. But overall the derivative is positive, if small.

Li'l Writer Guy is helping out, certainly, though until recently I didn't have time/strength for him, either. But now that things are settling down a bit, it's a welcome outlet.

Skype is still out of the question, but not for too long, I hope.

Posted by SursumCorda on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 4:12 pm
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