We have a bunch of folks from the Caribbean in our church, including several friends from choir.  Every year they put on a Caribbean Festival, and it is tonight.  Porter is still there, earning his Honorary Jamaican badge for another year:  set up, tear down, and manning the drinks table in between.  The food and the company are always great, and the music would be too (I love steel drums) if the volume weren't so painfully loud.  I only lasted two hours, and gave my earplugs to Porter when I left.

We were driven out of our previous church by music so loud I had to wear earplugs during both choir rehearsal and Sunday services.  Let's just say that our former music director would have loved the volume tonight.  But here it's only one night a year, and I enjoy the food and fun.  I would have enjoyed the conversation if I could have heard the person next to me....

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