Sunday, March 2, 2014: 

This being the last Sunday before the alleluias disappear for Lent, we pulled out all the stops with anthems and hymns featuring that joyous shout.

When in Our Music God Is Glorified (arr. by Mark Hayes, Beckenhorst Press, BP1750).  There's still no YouTube version, but the link takes you to, where you can hear it.

This was our introit (alleluia section) and processional hymn (hymn section).  It was a clever idea, and mostly went over well, though the congregation was a little confused about when to stand.  We managed to sing and walk at the same time (always diffcult with an anthem, rather than a plain hymn), and a wonderful trumpet player (Nancy Micklos King) covereth a multitude of sins.

Our anthem was We're Gonna Worship Christ the King (Pepper Choplin, Lorenz, 10/4245L).  This version doesn't really do it justice, but YouTube beggars can't be choosers.  We had a great soloist (Mark King), the anthem was fun to sing, and it all came together very well.  (Yes, Mark is Nancy's husband, this making the third set of Mark-and-Nancy spouses in our immediate circle.)

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