I know a lot of hymns.  We've sung in many denominations, and even in the Episcopal Church the congregation's favorites can vary significantly from church to church.  But at our current church we feature not only the more common hymns, but also the ones in the Episcopal hymnal that are almost never sung.  True, there's often a good reason why a particular hymn is unpopular, but most end up better than our choir expects when our director first introduces them.

And sometimes we discover hidden gold.

Last Sunday we sang Hymn 307 (Hymnal 1982), Lord Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor.

This is the best version I could find on YouTube, because the hymn tune, BRYN CALFARIA (not "California," which is how I first read it) is at least as important as the words, especially with the stirring harmony, which alas is hard to hear in the video.  You can see both the text and the music, including the harmony with the alto line that was so much fun to sing, by clicking here.  (When you get there, don't forget to click on the link to the next page, also.  It's a two-page hymn.)

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