Grace's bone marrow transplant process is moving forward.  They're still awaiting some further test results, but it looks as if Grace's oldest sister, Faith, is a perfect match for her.  If you know how close Faith and Grace have always been, that will seem "meet and right" to you.  Still to come are a whole slew of other tests for Faith, to make sure that she, herself, is as healthy as can be.

All going well, the "conditioning" process should begin the second week of January.  That will be to hit Grace's tiny body with three separate forms of wickedly toxic drugs, designed to completely destroy her own bone marrow and all the cancer cells in her body -- and her entire immune system in the progess.  After about nine days, she will then receive Faith's bone marrow, which all going well will migrate to Grace's bones and begin the process of "engraftment" of Faith's cells and the building up of a new immune system.

There is, however, a new complication:  Several members of the family have come down with Covid.

Please pray:

  • That those sick will recover quickly and no one else get ill.
  • Protection for Grace, whose immune system has already been somewhat compromised by her recent chemo.
  • Protection for their unborn baby (Mom Heather is one of the ones who tested postive).
  • That this will not set back the transplant process any more than necessary.

God knows best, even when we would have things otherwise.

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Thanks for the update.

Posted by Kathy Lewis on Sunday, December 24, 2023 at 8:41 pm
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