I've been busy/lazy about posting here, since I know many of you are follwing Grace on her own update blog, but here are some catch-up links:

Two Days of Appointments A hard two days in Boston, with some good parts. Grace doesn't think dolphins should be vegetarians. A five-hour kidney test. Being glad our personal favorite pediatric resident at Children's is friendlier than the dental resident. Children belong in cages (still working on this one). Faith the Hero Donor gets famous by proving she's more like my brother and sister-in-law than we knew.

Sunday blessings A refreshing day of prayer, worship, blessing, and sacraments.

Third Dentist... Heather takes on her winter storm namesake and emerges battered, but unbowed—though determined that no appointment is so important as to be worth dying to get there. Well, maybe except that final one at the Pearly Gates. Leukemia is really hard on teeth. And Jon's boss, his boss's boss, and the company he works for show both their own character and their trust in his.

Planned for Friday: a bunch of dental work, and a CT scan.

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