Those of you following the Daleys' posts know this already, but here are some recent updates.  Keeping up while on a Caribbean cruise is not easy, even though Elon Musk made it much easier than in previous years.  Thanks to StarLink satellites—the launches of which we love to watch from our front yard—we had a great internet connection.  The connection, for once, was not the problem—time in the schedule to use it was another story.


Her Smile Is Still Cute The sad but cute results of the dreaded dental work, though none that I know of from her CT scan.

Fertility Preservation The amazing thing they did during Monday's surgery in Boston, and proof that Heather is still an engineer (some might say a nerd).

Team Victory!  Her sister Joy designed this t-shirt for Grace's support team, and they decided to use it as a fundraiser for David's House, which has been such a balm during their trials at Dartmouth.  Details available in the post.


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As always, prayers and hugs all around.

Posted by Grace Kone on Friday, January 26, 2024 at 11:58 am
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