Grace is now into her second chemo drug, and this one can cause crystals like shards of glass in the bladder if not flushed with a lot of water, so Grace is getting a lot of liquid through her central line, so much so that she doesn't want to drink. That may also be a side effect of the nausea she is now experiencing. She ate a good amount of scrambled eggs for breakfast, but not much since then, and she is no longer as happy as she was when we enjoyed an early morning Skype and she showed off her bright yellow grippy socks.

The good news is that she had an opportunity to play with one of her siblings yesterday. Boston Children's has learned that sibling interaction is actually an important force in healing! Also, she plays in the playroom and with hospital volunteers, so it's not a completely sterile situation, despite the airlock-style doors. Not that they're careless; visitors must have no symptoms of illness, and toys are cleaned after use.

Tomorrow, on Day -2, Grace will get her final chemo before transplant. Day -1 is a day of rest, when Faith will come to Boston for her part in this journey. On Day 0, which is February 8, Faith will make her donation in the morning, and Grace will receive her new, healthy bone marrow cells in the afternoon!

Prayer requests:

  • Minimal nausea and healthful eating for Grace
  • That everyone, especially Faith and Grace, will stay healthy
  • The the transplant will proceed as it should, without any hitches

As usual, more details are here.

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