When you need something to feel grateful for, take time to consider the miracle of how well your body manages all its incredibly complex systems. We have no idea, unless something goes drastically wrong. This hit home to me, once again, when I saw this picture of what it means when Grace "goes for a walk." (Click photo to enlarge.)

Plus Side: The doctors are pleased that her stool output is improving, and were poised to restart feeds, but...

Minus Side: Her abdomen is distended and she's been struggling with pain, so they're sending her for an ultrasound to rule out something called VOD, which does not stand for Video On Demand, in case you were wondering. But...

Plus Side: In between pain episodes and sleeping, she's still interested in playing. In Heather's words, "She loves the routine of taking vitals, and this time she spent quite a long time taking her own blood pressure, and even tried it on the doll for a while. We go through a lot of O2 monitor stickers because she likes to put it on and off herself."

(Is that not an adorable little blood pressure cuff? Not to mention the person using it!)

One more Plus Side: Her ANC is 610! When she manages three days in a row over 500 she have officially achieved engraftment. She has also received her first transfusion of blood with her new blood type. This is great, but engraftment is often accompanied by bone pain, which may be part of her problem. Which I assume is better than liver problems (VOD).

So many things to be thankful for. So many things still to pray about. As usual, more details (and more pictures!) are on the Daley blog.

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