Today's Drabble comic, suitably modified, is for our friend Johnny Montroll, a.k.a. The Origami Guy.

I have my doubts about the statement in the Wikipedia article that his initial book was "the first origami book where each model is folded from single square sheet and no cuts," though I know that was a passion of his, and his innovations were many, including a realistic, rather than symbolic, style.  Be that as it may, John is a remarkable polymath whose accomplishments are more understated by the article than not.  How many other people can honestly say that they wake up in the morning eager to go to work?

Any family members who have learned to love Settlers of Catan through us can thank Johnny, for it was he who taught us to play, during a delightful visit when it was much more fun to play games together than face preparing for our imminent move to Boston.

Although we have a large collection of his origami books, Janet is the one of us who most appreciates them, having mastered the techniques well enough to make some impressive models.  Perhaps Jonathan will one day, since at age four he designed and folded his own origami bat.  :)

The Drabble strip was the immediate inspiration for this post, but I had been thinking about John anyway, thanks to my recent trip on Southwest Airlines, and this article in their Spirit on-board magazine.

By the way, Johnny really can whistle in five octaves!
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