Our choir anthems for:

August 8, 2013  And the Father Will Dance (Mark Hayes).  Always one of my favorites.  You know how I often remind you that these are videos I found on YouTube, not our own choir?  Well, this one isn't of our church choir, and it isn't the best recording, but it's a special recording for some of us.  Ignore the extraneous frames at the end.  I didn't notice that Windows Movie Maker had added them until it was already uploaded.  For this purpose, GEIBTP*.  Bonus points if you can guess the identity of the baby.


UPDATE 10/30/19.  It's pretty consistent that the automated conversion of Flash in old posts to iframe excised a chunck of the post wherever there was more than one video.  I can't recover the text, which at least gave the date for when we sang the anthem in the second video (now appearing first), but here's the missing first video, which goes after "guess the identity of the baby."  


*Good Enough Is Better Than Perfect, a phrase we learned from a college friend of Janet's and quickly adopted.
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Of course I know who the baby was. (:

Posted by joyful on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 12:22 pm