I'm still pleased with the progress I'm making toward my 95 by 65 goals, though what remains to be done in two years is intimidating.  I've completed 14 goals in the first six months, an average of 2.3/month, which is behind the needed average of 3.17/month.  I console myself that I've made significant progress toward several other goals, but with the sobering reminder that many of the more time-consuming and difficult goals have not yet been touched.

I still love the 95 by 65 idea, or 101 Things in 1001 Days (which was my inspiration), or any form of setting goals over time.  It helps me keep track of what I've done, it helps me organize what I do, and it helps me focus my efforts.  It also shows me where other people are "on my team," and gives me a much-needed boost in directions I might otherwise neglect.  I feel somewhat ridiculous about the last:  I shouldn't need encouragement to respond with enthusiasm when my husband suggests we try a new restaurant, or when friends from out of state (or country) invite us to visit them.  But it turns out that for me, "it's on the list" has enormous power to counteract the nagging voices of "it's too expensive," "I don't have time for that," "it's too much work," and "there are more urgent tasks that demand my attention."  Maybe all of those naysaying voices are correct—one reason it's important to populate one's list with care—but I love that the list liberates me to enjoy the activities, enthusiastically and without feeling guilty.

Completed  In Progress

    To Live
  1. Create 95 by 65 list—Completed 1/24/15
  2. Create the Leon Project—Completed 1/12/15
  3. Create/tweak/finalize/codify 60 family recipes
  4. Develop and sustain a system for making bread regularly
  5. Develop and sustain a system for making yoghurt regularly
  6. Experiment with making kefir
  7. Finish Janet's birthday 2009 recipe book
  8. Go through all recipe books, digitizing what looks good, getting rid of all but essentials/favorites
  9. Complete a biking challenge (details to come)
  10. Complete a swimming challenge (details to come)
  11. Complete a walking challenge (details to come)
  12. Design 5 Life Playground stations
  13. Develop a stretching plan and execute at least 3x/week for a month
  14. Execute 50 pushups nonstop on the higher bar at the park—I've been stuck at 10 for quite a while due to injury
  15. Find a GPS distance tracker that works for me
  16. Practice deliberate relaxation twice a day for a month—Completed 5/16/15.  This is worth keeping.  I lost the habit during my month in Switzerland, but don't anticipate any problems picking it up again, now that I feel the value of it.
  17. Reach my desired weight goal
  18. Run nonstop 3 times around the park trail then participate in a 5K race (any speed)—I'm making good progress here, having reached the 3 times around interim goal on 5/30/15.  But I'm not quite ready for the 5K, not only because the park circuit is not quite a mile, but because I need to build back up after scaling back (but not eliminating!) while I was in Switzerland.
  19. Declutter and organize phone
  20. Declutter blog template files
  21. Declutter computer
  22. Declutter garage
  23. Declutter marked items in Janet's room
  24. Declutter my office
  25. Declutter our filing cabinets (with Porter)
  26. Declutter sewing supplies
  27. Develop a quick system for travel prep and packing
  28. Recycle collected ink cartridges—I know this looks easy, but I'm trying to do it in a way that I use the credit I get for recycling them.  I miss the easy 1 cartridge = 1 ream of paper days!
  29. Research and purchase food processor—Completed 1/30/15.  I need to use it more, but I like it.  Very nice for making pie crust, as I learned from Heather.
  30. Set up identification system for files to grab in an emergency
  31. Create another goal-oriented project for when this one is over
  32. Create an herb garden
  33. Get a working back porch sink

  34. To Love
  35. Attend 15 live performances (e.g. music, drama, lectures)—60% done
  36. Convert our Christmas card system to postal + e-mail
  37. Refrain from negative speech for 1 day. Do this 30 times. (Since sometimes negative things must be said, this will include recasting negative things in a neutral or positive tone.)
  38. Share at least 20 meals with others (home or restaurant, but not counting multi-day visits or shared meals already in place)—65% done
  39. Try at least 5 new restaurants—Completed 4/10/15.  Clearly I set this goal 'way too low, since I'm up to 9 so far and anticipate many more.
  40. Visit Universal/IoA four times—Completed 5/15/15.  Dr. Doom's Fear Fall, fish & chips and butterbeer! No need to renew the annual passes anytime soon, but it was fun while they lasted.
  41. Watch NCIS LA from the beginning—We're up to Season 4 (2012)
  42. Watch Unbroken—Completed 4/24/15.  Worth watching, though it doesn't do justice to the book.
  43. Join in the choir trip to Austria
  44. Visit a country I've never been to
  45. Visit a state I've never been to—Completed 4/9/15.  Missouri (St. Louis).  Great visit with NM&B.  New museums, new restaurants, and a genealogy breakthrough.
  46. Visit with all immediate family members at least once per year (I changed "visit" to "visit with"; it doesn't have to be at their homes)—I've completed all but 4 so far for 2015, including the international visit.
  47. Visit Arizona
  48. Visit either Costa Rica or the Gambia
  49. Visit King Arthur Flour—Completed 2/12/15
  50. Keep up a 10 posts/month blogging schedule for 20 months (not necessarily consecutive)Modified from "two posts/week" to make record keeping easier.  30% done
  51. Send at least 4 care packages to each of our freshman nephews
  52. Write an encouraging note each month to someone other than family—6/6 so far.  This turns out to be one of the more challenging goals, not because it's hard to write the notes, but because I have to remember before the end of each month.  I didn't give myself any leeway with this one.
  53. Write at least 10 letters to political officeholders—Only one so far...I need to get on this.
  54. Write at least 5 notes of encouragement to each nephew
  55. Write at least 75 physical letters to children/grandchildren—10 so far
  56. Join Google+—I have an invitation; I just need to do it...
  57. Join Twitter—Completed 2/9/15.  I don't use it much, but enjoy checking the feed now and then, and even used it to send one of the encouraging notes (goal #51).

  58. To Learn
  59. Finish chronological Bible reading plan—Almost there; 94% done.
  60. Start and complete other daily Bible reading plans
  61. Achieve 40,000 duolingo points (average 1,000/month, split between French and German)—I'm 'way ahead of schedule on this one, 64% complete
  62. Listen to all of Pimsleur German I—Completed 5/30/15.  I recently acquired German II, so I'll move on to that when I get it converted to a form I can listen to on my phone.
  63. Complete George MacDonald reading plan (50 books, 14 completed in 2014)—52% done
  64. Read 130 books (new or old, print or audio, any level)—29% done
  65. Read 26 existing but as yet unread books from my bookshevles—12% done.  This is so much harder than you'd think, because there are so many new, interesting books that come to my attention.
  66. Read The History of the Renaissance World
  67. Read the Koran—Completed 4/14/15
  68. Complete 100 Great Courses lectures (Measured by lecture rather than course because some courses are longer than others, and so I can count free lectures they sometimes offer.)—46% done
  69. Experience all 37 of Shakespeare's plays (attend, watch, and/or read)—16% done
  70. Learn sufficient Javascript and/or jquery to know if it will work for creating my GTC website
  71. Make 30 museum visits—23% done
  72. Set and attain BrainHQ goal
  73. Set and attain Khan Academy goal
  74. Set and attain Memrise goal
  75. Set and attain Sporcle goal

  76. To Leave a Legacy
  77. Copy LPs to CDs
  78. Copy tapes to CDs—Porter is working on this
  79. Convert WRL memorial PPT to video
  80. Complete conversion of bits PPTs to videos
  81. Create 20 new GTC shows
  82. Create a form of GTC independent of YouTube and useable offline
  83. Create scent bits
  84. Make new family bits (was just "for Heather," but now Janet needs some, too)
  85. Print bit back labels for Heather
  86. Clean up, expand, and document the lines I currently have in my tree
  87. Enter unentered genealogy data
  88. Publish revised editions of Honor Enough volumes 1-4
  89. Rocket boost genealogy work by end of January 2015 (40 hours of work in segments of 1 or more hours, over 2 weeks)—Completed 2/1/15.  Unfortunately, I haven't done much since....
  90. Update Phoebe's Quilt and print in "final" form
  91. Create one photo album with Picaboo
  92. Digitize photos
  93. Digitize slides
  94. Organize photos 2007-2011 (subgroups 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
  95. Organize photos 2012-2016 (subgroups 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  96. Research and purchase scanner suitable for prints and slides
  97. Rocket boost photo work (40 hours of work in segments of 1 or more hours, over 2 weeks)
  98. Make (at least) 2 baby blankets—Completed 5/14/15.  Two grandbabies!  Hooray!
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Congrats! You are making real progress. I'll try to update my list once we return.

Posted by dstb on Wednesday, July 08, 2015 at 9:33 am

Great to see the progress!

I would add that you should put #17 in orange, since you lost five pounds during your Swiss visit. (Unless the weight goal is higher than your current weight, that is...)

Posted by joyful on Wednesday, July 08, 2015 at 11:52 am

Ooo, good point. :)

Posted by SursumCorda on Wednesday, July 08, 2015 at 1:13 pm

Keep it up!

Posted by Janet on Friday, July 10, 2015 at 9:50 am
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