When I began my 95 by 65 project, my 65th birthday seemed distant, but the time has come. How did I do? I completed only 50 of the 95 goals, but to my surprise am quite pleased with that. It was an intense list!  Here's the breakdown.

I had divided my 95 goals into four sections, based on Steven Covey's "To Live, To Learn, To Love, To Leave a Legacy." 

To Live: completed 11/33, 33.3%

Item Date Completed Notes
Create the Leon Project 1/12/2015  
Create 95 by 65 list 1/24/2015  
Research and purchase food processor 1/30/2015  
Practice deliberate relaxation twice a day for a month 5/16/2015
Find a GPS distance tracker that works for me 11/11/2015
Walk/run the equivalent of home to Hillsboro 12/16/2015 Greatly exceeded; also "walked" from Hillsboro to Swtizerland; averaged 38 miles/week.
Get a working back porch sink 8/24/2016 Thank you, Porter!
Swim 5 miles / Brachiate 1 mile (cumulative) 9/12/2016 Exceeded: swim 10 miles, brachiate 2 miles
Design 5 Life Playground stations 4/1/2017 Pool Track, Pool/Braciation Ladder, Balance Board, Juggling Balls, Mini Trampoline, Exercise Ball
Create an herb garden 6/15/2017 I hope to expand this.
Develop a quick system for travel prep and packing 7/3/2017  
Create/tweak/finalize/codify 60 family recipes    
Develop and sustain a system for making bread regularly   Developed a new cookie recipe instead.
Develop and sustain a system for making yoghurt regularly    
Experiment with making kefir    
Finish Janet's birthday 2009 recipe book   Maybe by 2019?
Go through all recipe books, digitizing what looks good, getting rid of all but essentials/favorites    
Complete a biking challenge    
Develop a stretching plan and execute at least 3x/week for a month    
Execute 50 pushups nonstop on the higher bar at the park   An injury broke my steak, and I never got back to it.
Reach desired weight goal    
Run nonstop 3 times around the park trail then participate in a 5K race (any speed)   So close!  I made the three times around nonstop in May of 2016, but again an injury broke the momentum. It healed, but the momentum was broken and I'm just starting over now.
Declutter and organize phone   Ah, yes ... decluttering was definitely a casualty.
Declutter blog template files    
Declutter computer    
Declutter garage    
Declutter marked items in Janet's room    
Declutter my office    
Declutter our filing cabinets    
Declutter sewing supplies    
Recycle collected ink cartridges   Partially done
Set up identification system for files to grab in an emergency    
Create another goal-oriented project for when this one is complete   Working on this.

To Love: 22/23, 95.6%

Item Date Completed Notes
Join Twitter 2/9/2015  
Visit King Arthur Flour 2/12/2015  
Visit a state I've never been to 4/9/2015 Missouri
Try at least 5 new restaurants 4/10/2015 Greatly exceeded
Watch Unbroken 4/24/2015  
Visit Universal/IoA four times 5/15/2015  
Share at least 20 meals with others 8/13/2015 Greatly exceeded 
Watch NCIS LA from the beginning 10/23/2015  
Convert our Christmas card system to postal plus e-mail 12/5/2015  
Join Google+ 12/10/2015  
Visit a country I've never been to 1/15/2016 Belgium (airport), Senegal, The Gambia, Spain (airport), Mexico, Cuba
Visit either Costa Rica or the Gambia 1/15/2016 The Gambia
Attend 15 live performances (e.g. music, drama, lectures) 1/31/2016
Visit Venice 4/18/2016
Keep up a 10 posts/month blogging schedule for 20 months 8/17/2016 Exceeded: 30 months, often more than 10/month.
Visit our friends who live in Arizona 8/26/2016 Instead of our visiting Arizona, they came to Florida.
Refrain from negative speech for 1 day. Do this 30 times. 10/24/2016 This is a whole lot harder than it looks.
Visit with all immediate family members at least once per year 11/22/2016
Write at least 75 physical letters to children/grandchildren 1/13/2017
Send at least 4 care packages to each of our freshman/sophomore nephews 2/3/2017
Write at least 5 notes of encouragement to each nephew 4/6/2017 This did not turn out to be ask I had expected -- brief, friendly, USPS notes of encouragement. This generation has little use for physical letters, unless they have cookies attached. But there were so many other forms of communication --visits, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook -- that I consider this goal met.
Write an encouraging note each month to someone other than family 6/5/2017  
Write at least 10 letters to political officeholders   I managed one....

To Learn: 13/17, 76.5%

Item Date Completed Notes
Read the Koran 4/14/2015  
Listen to all of Pimsleur German I (30 lessons) 5/30/2015  
Finish chronological Bible reading plan 7/29/2015
Achieve 40,000 DuoLingo points 11/3/2015 Exceeded: over 81,000 points.
Start and keep up with other daily Bible reading plan(s) 11/25/2015 Exceeded: completed six plans total.
Complete 100 Great Courses lectures 12/30/2015 Exceeded: over 300 
Make 30 museum visits 4/21/2016 Exceeded. but I stopped counting. 
Read The History of the Renaissance World 7/5/2016  
Read 130 books (new or old, print or audio, any level) 10/19/2016 Exceeded: 175
Complete George MacDonald reading plan (50 books, 14 completed in 2014) 10/24/2016  
Experience all 37 of Shakespeare's plays (attend, watch, and/or read) 10/25/2016  
Set and attain Khan Academy goal 6/3/2017 Complete Math Missions from Kindergarten through 8th grade, plus Algebra 1 (refreshing my own experience through 8th grade)This took longer than expected because Khan kept adding requirements.
Read 26 existing but as yet unread books from my bookshelves 6/7/2017  
Learn sufficient Javascript and/or jquery to know if it will work for creating my GTC website    
Set and attain BrainHQ goal   Instead of these three I concentrated on Peak and WordChums.
Set and attain Memrise goal    
Set and attain Sporcle goal    

To Leave a Legacy: 4/22, 18.2%

Item Date Completed Notes
Rocket boost genealogy work by end of January 2015 (40 hours of work in segments of 1 or more hours, over approximately 2 weeks) 2/1/2015  
Make 2 baby blankets 5/14/2015  
Rocket boost photo work (40 hours of work in segments of 1 or more hours, over approximately 2 weeks) 9/29/2015  
Convert WRL memorial PPT to video 6/9/2017  
Copy LPs to CDs    
Copy tapes to CDs   Partially done, thanks Porter!
Complete conversion of bits PPTs to videos    
Create 20 new GTC shows    
Create a form of GTC independent of YouTube and useable offline    
Create scent bits    
Make new family bits   Modified from "for Heather"--Janet needs them, too.
Print bit back labels for Heather    
Clean up, expand, and document the lines I currently have in my genealogy database    
Enter unentered genealogy data    
Publish revised editions of Honor Enough volumes 1-4    
Update Phoebe's Quilt and print in "final" form   I made a lot of progress, even though it's not complete.
Create one photo album with Picaboo   Since I tied this to Phoebe's Quilt, I made progress here, too.
Digitize photos    
Digitize slides    
Organize photos 2007-2011    
Organize photos 2012-2016   I completed 2015, and made some progress on other years.
Research and purchase scanner suitable for prints and slides    

I'm happy with the "To Love" and "To Learn" categories, and okay with "To Live" though it needs work. "To Leave a Legacy" was sorely neglected, and there are two clear reasons. First and foremost, this category is where most of my gargantuan personal projects ended up. Projects like "Organize photos 2012-2016" and "Clean up, expand, and document the lines I currently have in my genealogy database," each of which requires far more time than most of the other 95They are also complex, and require a lot more focussed and continuous thought—and decision-making—than, say, reading a book or inviting someone over for dinnerThis is the kind of work I do best when I can put on my Li'l Writer Guy persona:

He rather likes to imagine he’s seated in some academic cloister, inhaling the intoxicating scents of polished wood, leather, and books old and new. On the table before him are the paraphernalia of his profession: stacks of books, pads of paper, writing implements, bookmarks, his laptop computer. Lost in thought, he stares out the window, but he’s not seeing the cityscape. Now and then he rises, and paces between the table and the stacks. At the end of the day, he reluctantly packs up, puts on his coat, and steps into the outside world, blinking owlishly and realizing dimly that time has not stopped for others as it has for him.

It's a lovely way to make progress in one area, but it leaves the rest of life at risk of disintegrating around me. Clearly, I need to figure out how to divide these projects into tiny parcels, in addition to giving them higher priority for next year.

Still, as I said, I'm overall very pleased; that is, inspired to begin another such project immediately, with modifications based on experience. Further ruminations are in a companion post to this one: 95 by 65 - The Analysis.

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Congratulations on a job well done!!

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