Here's the latest Daley update, complete with pictures.

The Reader's Digest version:

  • Grace and Jon are still at Boston Children's, so she can be observed while awaiting the test results.
  • The bone marrow aspiration went better than last time and they got all the marrow they need for their tests (but results will come later).
  • Grace's esophagus looks fine.
  • Her colon is quite inflamed, which the doctors are sure is causing her GI symptoms. They have no idea why, but are hoping for enlightenment when the pathologist looks at her colon biopsy. Hopefully that will be early next week, as in the meantime the doctors involved don't agree on what to do with her diet.
  • She had some cardiac irregularities when waking up from the anesthesia, but they were short-lived, and otherwise her recovery went well.
  • During a video call last night, she was eating a bagel, laughing at her brothers, talking, and playing.
  • The rest of the family had a great activity day, arranged by, an organization supporting kids impacted by a loved one's cancer. They all had fun, but Faith is still frustrated by the pain that continues to restrict her activities, so please remember to pray for her as well.

As always, we are so grateful for your support.

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