Bragging about her grandchildren is written right into the Grandmother Contract, and I've certainly done my part in the past. But never like this.

The pathology report on Grace's colon biopsy indicates graft versus host disease. (That's not what I'm bragging about.) It is a mild form of GVHD, and they believe a couple of weeks of steroids should take care of it.

My own grandmother-gut suspicion, based on no medical expertise at all, is that the GVHD showed up in her colon because that's been the weakest and most stressed part of her body for most of her life. It was intestinal problems that eventually led to her NF1/JMML diagnosis (once the doctors got out of the rut of thinking, "it's just food allergies."

We thank God that the doctors believe this will be a short-lived problem.

And here's the punch line. Two-year-old Grace has no doubt been set back somewhat in her development by all her medical problems and procedures. But there's no doubt that she listens, pays attention, and thinks about what she hears. When she overheard that the diagnosis was GVHD, she got very upset!

They anticipate discharge on Wednesday.

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Prayers continue for her and all <3

Posted by Pami Gregorio on Monday, July 01, 2024 at 9:36 pm
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